Crossing Coasts

Celebrating Windrush Generations

Raising awareness through intergenerational projects across schools and community

Children in schools are using the cards to understand Windrush, migration and understand their global society. 

The cards focus on celebrating the positive impact of the Caribbean Windrush Pioneers. This resource is a 'Top Trumps' style card pack illustrating 52 real people. It includes local Bristol characters and national figures. The teacher's guide includes activities that help children understand the activists who were instrumental in forging the UK Race Relations Acts and the younger generations whose work has highlighted recent injustices. There are 13 different industry and community sectors covering five generations in the card pack. These include the 'Future' cards made by 12 year-olds with Caribbean heritage, imagining their future when they leave school.

Training and supporting advocates who help claimants access compensation for the 'Windrush Scandal'.

This project supports people from all transnational communities with compensation claims.

It has resulted in activity in Bristol, Bath, and Birmingham and aims to maintain support until the injustice of this scandal has been corrected.

We are keen to hear from more people who can offer support and from people who think they are entitled to compensation.

How can you get a card pack?

Get in touch if you want packs to play in your school, community centre, family etc. Packs are free, just pay postage. Up to £20 next day delivery for 4 x packs. 

Go places and do things - Visit places on this map to find displays and collect a card 

You will find Food Sector cards in Glenn's Kitchen, Science Sector cards at the XLab, Technology cards at Engine Shed and so on.

If you think packs of cards could be useful in your school or card displays in your venue please contact us 



Our  venue 'speaks to migration'. It is a ship in the Bristol Harbour known as the 'Peoples Liner".

The ship hosts Windrush Day celebrations and recruits support from advocates, schools and businesses.




52 Cards in this pack - celebrating the Windrush Pioneers and five generations of their families. Click here to see the full pack

Contributions in 13 sectors of UK life are celebrated including community activistsand politicians

Teachers pack - helping them to decolonise their curriculum 

Collectable cards can be found at  business and community settings  - list TBC


Training Session for volunteer advocates  with the 'Windrush Help Team' at 'Black South West Network'

The session was recorded. The audio is the important part. Run the film and open the slide presentation. 

Introduction by Roger Griffith, Hugh Thomas. Training with 'Windrush Help Team' using the slide presentation.


View the slide presentation by clicking on this link

Run the recording of the training session.

Open in YouTube (It may not open on this webpage)

You will only need the audio while following the slide presentation.



  • Celebrate the UK's Caribbean Transnational Community
  • Raise awareness of help that is available to victims of the Windrush Scandal
  • Supply help by advocates and lawyers to those that need it
  • Create a top trump style card game distributed free to schools, business and community that explores the talents and the history of Caribbean transnational community
  • Celebrations on our ship in the harbour that advise the project in how to achieve justice for those impacted by the Windrush Scandal