Training and professional development that-

  • Equips school staff with tools, ideas and activities that boost the confidence and raise the aspirations of young people.
  • Builds lasting 'Business and Schools Partnerships' that inspire and contextualise learning.
  • Raises aspirations through improved transition between the key phases.

Training can be:

  • Provided in conjunction with business partners.
  • Whole school INSET, twilight or additions to staff meeting agendas.
  • One to one with key staff on the delivery of a specific programme.

All training aims to link staff to people in business and industry who will share your objectives and the process for achieving it.

Make an Enquiry to us about staff training to work with businesses on:

  • Future Clubs - Training for Primary After School Club Programme Leaders.
  • Explore My Future – Training for KS2 teachers – Raising aspirations. Comes with resources for pupil, family and classroom.
  • Vision My Future - Training for KS3 teachers – Goal-Setting, Visioning, Self-Belief. Comes with resources for the classroom and the option for students to lead school improvement planning with business mentors.
  • Fast Forward - Training for KS3 teachers of English, PHSE and Drama. Comes with resources for the classroom.
  • Build My Future - Training for KS3 PHSE staff in the use of the Card Game (link to: Imagine, explore, vision) and Puppets (link to: Build My Future) to develop student’s target setting for increased wellbeing.
  • STE(Art)M – Training for Primary or Secondary Science, Technology and Engineering teachers. How to design, build and use a range of miniature machines from cardboard. Focus on how engineers work in teams and key scientific principles.

"My Future My Choice is a great organisation. I worked with them and it inspired me to lead an 'Aspirations-Project at my School" 

Gemma Jackson, Principal of Minerva Academy