Consultancy and Training

Making it easy for schools and business to work together

  • Effective partnerships
  • Helping young people
  • Tools, ideas, resources

Creating projects that link teachers or students to people in Business and Industry

  • Enhance the curriculum with real life experiences
  • Gatsby Benchmarks for work related learning
  • Training staff and students to forge and maintain links with business
  • School leaders working with a business to unlock difficult problems and test solutions for improvement


    Polly Barnes - Consultant for national bodies - UCAS. Young Enterprise, Citizenship Foundation, Young Money. Polly is Project Director for Blackbullion Futures - a UK financial education programme working with Pearson and Bank of England giving targeting support to 14 to 18 year-olds through a free online platform. 

    Polly is a LinkedIn Trainer. She encourages schools and colleges to use this powerful tool to redesign work experience activities. 

    Hugh Thomas - Designs activities with businesses that challenge students with real life experiences. These collaborative games, construction challenges and film projects are led by teams of employees from a business or industry sector and will become an annual part of a school's curriculum.

    Much of our work is already supported by businesses making it free or affordable to schools.

    Contact us to find out what might work for your school or business