Volunteering Opportunities with My Future My Choice

Events generally require no prior knowledge, just a willingness to mentor and support a small team of young people through challenges that are explained on the day. No training needed, just a 20-minute briefing to start the day. Specialist facilitators and school staff accompany children in teams at all times and DBS checks are not required by volunteers. To make an enquiry or volunteer contact info@myfuturemychoice.co.uk / Tel - 0117 3290387













Play Testing a Board Game called

Engineering Heroes




Engine Shed (Temple Meads)


Schools / Colleges







We need engineers and businesses to play test the Board Game with young people.

The game uses the UN Sustainability Goals to help people explore how engineering ideas and business skills can benefit people and planet.

The project is funded by Royal Academy of Engineering - Once manufactured, sets of the game will be provided to businesses wanting to use it as part of their outreach activities.

See more on this link

World of Work, Physics


3 hours








TBC April


8:30- 11:30am


 The project supports schools more than 25minutes away from a University, school's where children might not otherwise see a person who uses physics in their job.

The Year 10 top-set science students will make Tik-Tok films about the person and their job after your visit. These films will create  a WoW Physics 'channel/platform' used by participating schools to give GCSE students an insight into why they should study Physics /science at post 16.

The session will start with volunteers, each giving a 1 minute presentation to the whole class. Then each volunteer works with a samll team of students who interview and film them with a view to creating short ‘Tik-Tok’ style films that cover the aspects of physics they use and the nature of their job. Volunteer are asked to provide some web-links or images that will assist student teams to create these films. Each team will make up to four 30 second films. We provide green-screens for chroma-key effects, story boarding and other creative advice. Films will be completed by students after the session.

Volunteers will be invited back online to review and ‘sign off’ the films – and films don't need to include the volunteer. Films will be used by the school and shared with other schools participating in this project to create a ‘WoW Physics’ channel that appeals to this important target age range. The impact of the project is measured by uptake for Physics A Level.

These films can also be used by the businesses taking part and we encourage branding to raise awareness in young people of company names.  

Young Shipwrights

Boat Building


6 hours


3 hours

Various schools across Bristol and on the MV Balmoral 

and we need helpers to launch at the Bristol Harbour Festival on July 15th 2023



June and July


8:30am to 3pm. Ambassadors will support a small team of children to build a large model of a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. The 60 children will create a fleet of models of this iconic heritage vessel. Their finished boats will race in the Bristol Harbour Festival (16th July 12noon) along with boats from other Bristol Primary Schools. The day will include a tour for the children of the Ports at Portbury and Avonmouth where they will connect the learning about their model boat with learning about how engineering makes our modern-day global economy possible. The session is run by a facilitator with all the resources supplied. No particular skills or knowledge is required as Ambassadors are sense checking and team building to enable a team of 5 children to complete the task. We are keen for Ambassadors join us on the 16th July to help launch the boats and meet and greet children and their families at the Bristol Harbour Festival. We will be based on a ship in the harbour.



7 hours

Oasis Academy John Williams,
Petherton Road,
BS14 9BU

Patchway Community School 9 Hampton Ln, Almondsbury, Patchway, Bristol BS32 4AJ

+ Schools in North Somerset 



June and July


08:15am to end of school day.

  The project helps students discuss job roles in the aviation industry by engaging them with the fun of making, improving and flight testing different model gliders and wing configurations before creating an air frame for radio controlled powered flight.

The day can end with an 'Airshow' for parents and friends where students will demonstrate radio controlled formation flying.

Catch the Train to My Future


attending a training session with teachers for One hour 

Training session on board the MV Balmoral

Then school I hour visits to your work place 

February 2024


This project enables schools to access the MV Balmoral in the Harbour and other venues across the SW rail-network for free.

Venues include the businesses. Children who have never been in a office environment before really benefit from the experience.

We are keen to hear from businesses and organisation that could give a short  experience of their work to school children. This would be part of a day-long tour by a class of 30 children exploring four venues in the city - These venues would cover a range of sectors from Law, Finance, Governance, Engineering,  Entertainment etc. Each visit would be under an hour and children will be the investigators so just need to meet staff willing to answer their questions.

If your business is interested get in touch to discuss details - Children who have never been in a office environment before really benefit from this sort of experience.




Below is a list of the most popular activities we offer to schools that require volunteers

Young Shipwrights

Boat Building


Day or half day

In schools and on boats and venues in the Bristol Harbour

Port towns and cities across the UK


Usually in the spring and summer to enable sailing events

Volunteers assist a small team of children to  build model boats representing the regional maritime heritage

Boats sail in festivals and events that are held where the heritage vessels would have once worked



Day or half day

  In schools and museums - needs a large space for test flights


As requested

Build and test fly gliders and model RC aircraft with small groups of students. Help students understand the aerospace sector.

Lifting Aspirations Accessing Engineering 

Whole day

At construction industry trade fairs around the UK and Europe 

In schools and colleges


As requested

Build and operate lifting devices

Explain aspects of lifting and access 

 Shipping 2050


Whole day


On a ship to give real context

As requested

Help students understand the crisis for shipping and the need for engineering soultions while designing and building a model for a concept ship fit for the future.

Build My Future


Whole day


In schools 

As requested

Volunteers support a team of six 13/14 year olds to complete a board-game that takes a fictional 13 year old on a journey to the age of 25. This game explores routes to success and happiness in life through a better understanding of why a balanced life style is important. The students then engineer their character as a life-size puppet that presents its story and conveys the key messages that it has learnt.

Sustain My Future

4 hours over a week


As requested

Mentor a team to come up with an idea and business strategy that capitalises on the UN Sustainability Goals


More events will be scheduled and we will keep you posted

To make an enquiry or volunteer contact info@myfuturemychoice.co.uk / Tel - 0117 3290387