Explore and Vision

The Explore and Vision programmes are designed to help young people see how school will help them achieve success and happiness. A suite of activities, resources excursions and volunteers from business and industry that can be used each year between end of primary school and beginning of GCSEs. Fun and practical using games, workbooks, adventure films and supported by business and industry through with volunteers and access to workplaces.




Trailer for Fast Forward - part of the Vision My Future resources


Explore and Vision is about

  • Action steps for success and happiness at key points in progress through school
  • Raising aspirations
  • Meeting people from business and industry
  • Exploring where people work
  • Self belief
  • Visioning
  • Personal goals






Explore My Future for end of Primary and start of Secondary School (ages 9 to 12)

Resources are designed to work with young people in their last years of Primary School and their first year of Secondary School

What happens?

Parent/Child Worksheets

A take home survey to stimulate discussion between child and parent/carer about their future. Providing invaluable data about parental attitudes and backgrounds, and encouraging communication.Young people are trained by business volunteers to complete interviews at home with two adults

"Top Trumps" card game

60 different jobs in a lively format with a range of games to play with business volunteers, helping young people see the skills and attitudes required in different jobs 

Poster and stickers

For use as a teaching aid to link different learning activities in the classroom to careers. Used with stickers by visitors to the classroom and by the learners

Workbooks and stickers

A 32 page activity book for young people to use throughout the Explore My Future project with pages for different activities, to report information and collect stickers. Provides a comprehensive record of the child's learning journey.

Work Place Tours

Taking in four business and cultural venues and meeting business volunteers in a variety of work places


Teacher training and resources to support the creation of drama about aspirations and futures that can be presented to parents 


Resources can be purchased and used independently. Visit the store for details.

Working with a consultant for training, coordination of site visits and recruitment of business volunteers for this programme or facilitation of workshops  is £350 per day. This is often covered by the businesses willing to partner with the school


Vision My Future for Key Stage 3

What happens?

Fast Forward

A mini-series of films following the adventures of a group of 14 year olds who find their phones give messages about their future. Each episode of ‘Fast Forward’ comes with classroom resources to explore goal setting, visioning and self-belief.

Coaching Programme

Covering goal setting, visioning and self belief. Can be use on its own or in conjunction with the Fast forward adventure movies

Student Workbook 

For use with the Coaching Programme and Fast Forward 


Resources can be purchased from the store. Visit the store for details 

Working with a consultant for training, recruitment of business volunteers and facilitation of workshops for this programme is £350 per day. This is often covered by the businesses willing to partner with the school