Returning to the Nest: Welcoming Your Student Child Back into the Family Home

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It’s a big moment when your child goes off to university, and it’s an even bigger moment when they move back in. What you do in the meantime, however, differs greatly from family to family. For instance, some parents find it useful to clear out their child’s old room and make more space for themselves. Others like to leave their child’s room exactly as it was when they were still a teenager. Either way, many young adults find themselves moving back home after they graduate. This is because finding paid work – not internships – is increasingly difficult. This isn’t because your child isn’t smart, or ambitious, but because the requirements for entry-level work has increased substantially. 


It is also much more economical. In fact, letting your child live at home even if they do have a career can be an excellent way to help them. Renting is very expensive, and saving that rent (and the utility bills) can help them save up to buy their own home much faster than they would otherwise. To help you help them, follow these tips: 


Help Them Spring Clean 

The first thing that you need to do when they move back in is to help them clear out their childhood relics.While memories are great, having copious amounts of memorabilia from their childhood and teenaged years can take up a lot of much-needed space. That is why you should go through and donate items that your child does not want any more, or find a new place to store these sentimental items. If your home in general does not have a lot of space for storage, consider giving your whole home a spring clean and storing these memories in a self-storage unit like the ones that Morespace Storage provide.  


Do this, and you’ll have more than enough room for your adult child, and you and your partner, to live. 


Help Them Furnish Their New Place (Before They Get It) 

Take advantage of sales, vintage deals, and auctions that occur throughout the year. When the end goal is for your child to buy his or her own place, it can be an excellent idea to slowly furnish their new home before they get it. Choose great pieces, and store them in your storage unit to make greater use for it. That way, when your child finally has enough for their deposit, they won’t have to spend money they don’t have to furnish it, because they already have everything they need. 


Living with your parents is the reality that many young adults find themselves in today, and that’s okay! In fact, this can help foster your bond better than any other situation. Use this time to help them set saving goals, spend time with them, and more. That way you can help them save up for their own home faster, without wasting money in a renting situation, and you’ll bring your family closer together.

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