Bristol Loves Tides

2017 Annual Cardboard Boat Race at the Bristol Harbour Festival

Added 1 month ago

Enter a boat and a team to support the Primary Learning Ships Learning Programme

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British Science Week on the MV Balmoral

Added 3 months ago

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Working from a ship under the historic Cargo Cranes in Bristol's Floating Harbour students built Cranes, visited demonstrations of robotics and machines that give mechanical advantage. They also went up and operated a real crane high above the ship.

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Bannerman Road Build Boats at Engine Shed

Added 5 months ago

Primary school children visit a business hub on Bristol's Floating Harbour to build boats

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Bristol Loves Tides - Rocket boats

Added 6 months ago

A celebration of the highest tides of the year. Rocket powered pilot cutters are sent from Shirehampton to Pill on the old Ferry Crossing

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Wallscourt Farm - KS1 Boat Building. Buiding, Testing, Improving and Racing

Added 11 months ago

KS 1 Exploring Transport and Exploration - building wind powered land yachts

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Blaise Loves Tides

Added 2 yearss ago

Blaise Primary a partner school in the Bristol Loves Tides programme goes out on the tides in the Severn Estuary

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Young Shipwrights 2015

Added 2 yearss ago

700 children and 65 volunteers from business build 115 model boats and race them in the Bristol Harbour Festival

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Bristol Loves Tides - Launch Event

Added 2 yearss ago

The highest tides for decades flowed into Bristol on March 22nd following a solar eclipse. This event marks the launch of the Bristol Green Capital Education Programme called Bristol Loves Tides.

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