Empire Windrush, Migration Event with Nova Primary School

Added 2nd November 2018

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60 ten year olds from Nova Primary extended their study of migration by visiting the MV Balmoral


They explored the ship with Balmoral Volunteer crew, visiting the captain on the Bridge and the engineers in the Engine Room.


They went on to meet members of the 'Windrush Generation'.  

Back in school, children responded with letters and pictures to express the impact of hearing first hand the stories from the Windrush Generation.

On their visit pupils built the Empire Windrush. comparing the MV Balmoral, an inshore passenger vessel to an ocean going people transporter.

Each child had a miniature suitcase which they annotated ( Thanks to Michael Gorely Historic England Education Manager) with poetry about what they imagined they might see, hear, smell taste and feel when they arrived in a new land after a long journey. Inside the suitcase they will add what they might miss if they had to leave their home and what memories they would want to pack to take with them.

Children worked three or four in a team with volunteer engineers including a team from the MOD/Navy

Contact us to find out about how your school can use the Balmoral as your Classroom Afloat to enhance learning.


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