Lifting Aspirations - Accessing Engineering

International Womens day - Engineering Challenges that help address gender biase

Added 23rd June, 2021

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A pack of 52 Cards that represent some real women in engineering working in the South West of the UK today

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Imayla - Science Fun in the Bristol Harbour

Added 6th May, 2021

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Young people working with Imayla take a boat trip around Bristol's Floating Harbour and test out a learning resource onboard the MV Balmoral

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Vertikal Days 2018

Added 30th May, 2018

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Year 10 students from Lees Brook Community School and Chellaston Academy exploring the Lifting And Access Industry

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British Science Week On the MV Balmoral

Added 21st March, 2018

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Families board a boat in Bristol to explore cranes, winches, pulleys, hydraulics and robotics

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Liebherr sponsor Lifting Aspirations Programme at Vertikal Days, Siverstone

Added 29th May, 2017

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Crane manufacturers Liebherr sponsor the Lifting Aspirations Programme at Vertikal Days, the largest lifting and access industry trade show in the UK held at the Siverstone Curcuit. Two days of workshops held fro Year 10 students from the Slvestone Circuit UTC

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British Science Week on the MV Balmoral

Added 20th March, 2017

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Working from a ship under the historic Cargo Cranes in Bristol's Floating Harbour students built Cranes, visited demonstrations of robotics and machines that give mechanical advantage. They also went up and operated a real crane high above the ship.

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Bristol Technology Engineering Academy - Lifting and Access

Added 15th December, 2016

60 students explore lifting technology, robotics and bio mechanics while building their own robotic arm from card, syringes, plastic tubing, paper clips and split pins.

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Wigan Schools on a Learning adventure at Vertikal Days - UK's biggest trade fair for the Lifting Engineering Industry

Added 30th July, 2016

Students from Primary and Secondary Schools exploring engineering and working in teams to build a working crane

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Lifting Aspirations on MV Balmoral during National Science Week

Added 22nd March, 2016

Hundreds of children across Bristol used MV Balmoral as a floating classroom during National Science Week 2016 to learn about hydraulics, pneumatics and pulley systems.

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'Classroom-Afloat' onboard the MV Balmoral - Lifting Aspirations

Added 30th November, 2015

Shield Road Primary on board a ship under the Cargo Cranes with M Shed Volunteers. Supported by Speedy Services analyse

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On Board the Balmoral - Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering with Bristol's historic cargo cranes at the M Shed Museum

Added 31st May, 2015

Engineering workshops on board a 1950s inshore passenger vessel exploring cranes. For Primary and Secondary schools funded by Heritage Lottery

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Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering - Vertikal Days at Haydock Park

Added 10th May, 2015

Schools complete 'Lifting Aspirations' workshops at an industry trade fair and visit the largest display of lifting and access technology in the UK.

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Lifting Aspirations Accessing Engineering

Added 7th April, 2015

Crane workshops for schools on-board the historic passenger vessel The Balmoral

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Bath Fringe Festival - Lifting Aspirations at Museum of the Bath of Work

Added 31st May, 2014

A week of engineering workshops for primary schools in and around Bath and Bristol with a public engagement event at Green Park Station

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British Science Association Award for the "Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering" project

Added 20th March, 2014

Schools and families take part in an immersive experience with the lifting and access engineering industry. Exploring the heritage of the technology in the region with the working machines at the M Shed Museum and the future for the sector with engineering ambassadors. learning outcomes and the fun of engineering are combined in a practical competition to build and operate a robotic arm.

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Lifting Aspirations

Added 12th October, 2013

Workshops supported by the Lifting and Access Industry that explore engineering principals with real engineers. Students complete crane build and operate challenges and discover modern technology to contextualise the science curriculum.

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Vertikal Days - Lifting Aspirations by Accessing Engineering

Added 29th June, 2013

Building relationships with the Lifting and Access industry sector at their largest trade fair in the UK and Ireland.

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Riveting Stuff - Festival of the North East

Added 5th June, 2013

A three day celebration of Stockton's engineering heritage and future on the famous Tees Barrage

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Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering

Added 25th May, 2013

A practical crane design and building project for 8-11 or 11 to 14 year olds. Science and Engineering principles, industrial heritage, identity and future aspirations.

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