Lifting Aspirations on MV Balmoral during National Science Week

Added 22nd March 2016




Working in a team with an engineer, Key Stage 2 pupils built, operated and competed with a model hydraulic arm made from cardboard. In addition, with the support of M Shed’s volunteers, they were able to operate historic cargo cranes on Bristol’s harbour side. Interactive demonstrations on the importance of CAD for placing cranes on construction sites were given by Wolffkran.

‘I love the atmosphere of being on a boat. It’s so peaceful. When you look out of the window at school you can be distracted when you look out of the window on boat it’s like you’re still learning and you concentrate.' Year 6 pupil

‘It’s been amazing. I have watched children shine who wouldn’t usually shine. And seeing the quiet ones who are absolutely soaking it in.' Class teacher

‘You get asked questions that you would never get asked in the workplace. Questions that really make you think. Some of them I’ve found really challenging' Andy Webster, volunteer from Wolffkran

‘I prefer CAD to Minecraft. It’s awesome.’ Year 5 pupil

Up to 42 pupils every day for five days supported by up to nine volunteers a day.

"Working with My Future My Choice was rewarding, very interesting and an interactive way of teaching young people. Highlights of the experience were  questions asked by the kids which wouldn’t normally come from within the industry so they make you reflect differently on how and why you work.To any other volunteers thinking of working a similar event but are worried for whatever reason I would say that the enthusiasm of the kids and the other team members makes the experience very enjoyable". Andy Webster, volunteer from Wolffkran

"The children and staff were buzzing when they got back, they took up nearly the whoel of Friday celebration assembly!  An amazing opportunity; the memories will stay with everyone forever!" Headteacher, St George C of E Primary School

See C of E St George Primary School'swebsite for their story


If you want to get involved with the 'Balmoral's Classroom Afloat' please  get in touch 



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