'Classroom-Afloat' onboard the MV Balmoral - Lifting Aspirations

Added 30th November 2015



Shield Road Primary School Year 5. Exploring Forces

A day based on the MV Bamoral and the Bristol Cargo Cranes supported by engineering demonstration by Speedy Services


 The study of forces for lifting and hydraulics is set in context with demonstrations from old and new lifting equipment

Teams of children supported by a volunteer are challenged to build a robotic hydraulic robotic arm from cardboard, tubing and syringes that looks like the one above.

The day starts on the ship by explaining how hydraulics can be used for control and mechanical advantage


Teams Make Engineering Work

Teams split into sub teams after deciding roles and build components for a robotic. Through he morning all teams make visits to Speedy Services engineer, demonstrations on the quay; take trips up the Cargo Crane with M Shed volunteer engineers and visit the ship to see where lifting technology is used. 

Pulling it all together and taking roles for control of the hydraulic lifting arm

Ready for the off

Timed challenges with time between each to analyse defect and engineer improvement

A wining team of great engineers with Lila from Skanska



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