Imayla - Science Fun in the Bristol Harbour

Added 6th May 2021

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Young people working with Imayla take a boat trip on the Tower Belle around Bristol's Floating Harbour and test out a learning resource onboard the MV Balmoral.

The desitination for the day - the  MV Balmoral a passenger vessel moored in Bristol's Harbour (Mardyke Quay)

The Tall ship Pelican entering Albion Dry Dock

Views from onboard Balmoral

Navigation on the Bridge of the Balmoral

The Engine Room

Testing the Science Learning Resource 

1. Use a rocket to fire a string to a shipwreck


2. Once the ship and the shore are connected by a string. Construct a device that can go back and forth between the shore and the ship to rescue the 'people' stranded on the ship.


3. What is the story of the rescue? Constructing a story with a writer (Sam Barnes) to be read out as the rescue is enacted. 

Test completed! - we learnt what to change and improve - a big thank you to the ship's crew from Imayla




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