Lifting Aspirations

Added 12th October 2013

 Lifting Aspirations

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An interactive learning activity aimed at building annual events for the lifting and access engineering sector.

Ideas for education workshops were initially generated by Claverham UTC Aerospace by Phil Rowles who was engaged through a Royal Academy of Engineering Education project. Prototype ideas for interactive learning were developed by Glyn Griffiths through the Engineering Department at the University of Bath. These have been piloted with the target audience of schools, museums, science centres, engineering festivals and sector trade shows. The project is now partnered with ‘VertiKal Net’ the UK’s networking body for ‘Lifting and Access’ engineering. This partnership links to the sectors agencies mobilising ambassadors and sponsors; facilitating access to engineering equipment and careers advice.

Young people are mentored in teams by engineering ambassadors from academic and industrial backgrounds to construct working engineering models. Teams then compete at public venues for engineering awards from industry partners.

In addition to teamwork, learning outcomes include contextual understanding of engineering principles; hydraulic systems, pulleys, gears, electromagnetism and methods of actuation or control. Young people gain understanding of their region’s engineering heritage, and through working with an ambassador will see themselves as engineers of the future.




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