Shirehampton Primary- build historic boats and visit the Bristol Port

Added 12th July 2017

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The Year 6 from Shirehampton Primary were treated to a fascinating tour of Bristol Port by Katherine Lovell. She encouraged the pupils to consider the wide variety of occupations the Port Authority needed to run as effectively as it does. They learned that the Port has its own police force, catering and medical staff, financial, marketing and health and safety team as well as an array of engineers and mechanical operators which the pupils had predicted.

The visit revealed the importance of the port and ships and shipping to our everyday lives,  the economy of the region and the opportunities that the industry offers locally and across the world.

The children also loved the facts they were fed, facts like:

The Port Company has planted 44,000 trees and has a newt pond

They have the capacity for 96,000 cars with a turnaround of 72 hours to a week

The Port produces 75% of its energy using the wind turbines on site

EJC – The European Juice Terminal provides 90% of the concentrated orange juice for the UK

Children then built fantastically well made boats, models of the historic Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter which sailed out of Pill to bring trade into Bristol during the age of sail. Boats made with the help of volunteers, including Mitchell, a stevedore from the port who had all the facts and figures for the shipping and tonnage of goods coming into the Port.



Good luck in the boat race that opens the Bristol Harbour Festival  - 22nd July 12 Noon Wappimg Wharf



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