Sunderland River Festival

Added 2nd September 2019

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Community groups across Sunderland took part in boat building that remembered the shipbuilding heritage and explored possible futures.

30 model boats were created and collected for a sailing event at the Sunderland River Festival.

The insprational resources at the Sunderland Maritime Heritage Centre are in scope for next year's workshops. Building models of the Sunderland Foy Boat, known locally as a coble.

Boats were displayed on the quayside and ballasted before sailing by their makers

Boats sailed across the river and many sailed back to the launch after bouncing off the south bank


The winner was from the Youth Almighty Project at Silkworth Youth and Community Centre - A boat named Dolphin.

Next year we hope to be working with the Sunderland Maritime Heritage and Visitor Centre to celebrate the links to past. These links came out in discussions with children talking about their grandparents whose pictures are "on the wheel in town".

The model boat building workshops in celebarte the


The volunteers at the Sunderland Maritime Heritage Workshop and Visitors Centre have a vast amount of skills, resources and knowledge that will inspire  old and young .


 Boat Building at the Sunderland River festival was supported by -



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