Young Shipwrights onboard the MV Balmoral

Added 2nd July 2021

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Models of Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters made onboard the MV Balmoral by 10 year-olds from Christchurch Primary

MV Balmoral an inshore passenger vessel moored in Bristols Historic Harbour

Children are assisted by a squad of Engineers. Inspired by our 'Engineering Curiosity Cards' they recreated the engineers as Top Trumps Cards



Tours of the ship included the Engine Room and the Bridge to  find out how a large ship works.



Boats in the Boat Shed - Waterproofed with Biodegradable Linseed Oil Resin



Trimming sails and ballasting the cardboard boats in the rain 


The 'Rescue Boat'

Soggy cardboard - happy kids


The winning boat still intact after 50 minutes in the water - built by the children with the help of a Submarine Designer from Babcock

A similar engineering job that the children will have seen on the 'Engineering Curiosity' card pack - although the engineer from Babcock has a dog not a cat


With thanks to -

Volunteer engineers from Babcock, Magnox. MOD and Bath Spa University

The volunteer crew on board the Balmoral 

John in his 'Rescue Boat' and the other 'Boat Shed' Volunteers from All Aboard

Young Bristol for the loan of bouyancy aids 

Bristol Harbour Office and Docks Engineers

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