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Added 25th October 2012

GE volunteers provided a workshop on 3rd December at Phoenix High School, London for Year 7 students.

see volunteer recruitment flyer

GE volunteers used the My Future My Choice Top Trumps Card Game as a framework for exploring the lifestyle and jobs of GE employees. The cards explore seven capabilities, skills or job details. The Year 7 students used this research as the basis for exploring their own dispositions and the skills they would need to develop to have the success they wanted. 

Finished boats are on display in one of the school classrooms and an extra boat is being decorated by the School's Science Department to display 'Year 7 Science Knowledge'. At the end of the school year the boats will be launched into the River Thames.

"Thank you for workshop, everyone was raving about how good it was."

Keisha Walker - Head of Careers and Vocational Learning, Phoenix High School

"It was a fantastic day, for the children and I. We both learnt and shared from the experience which was wonderful. I particularly liked coaching the children, provoking their thoughts and seeing their faces light up when they had a ‘Eureka’ moment go off in their minds. The boats looked fantastic and The shipbuilding team were fantastic showing the children how to accomplish the various tasks. I would certainly like to do a similar event again."

Volunteer - Matthew Blackmore-Squires (GE Capital)

Team members take turns to visit the shipwright to get the 'know-how' to take back to their team

Ten teams - 70 students - 12 GE volunteers

Displays and speeches at the end of the day - Re-visiting the aspirations and launching the boats in the River Thames is planned for the end of the school year.






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