Schools Aviation Challenge and the RNAS Yeovilton International Airday

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Funding and volunteers from industry enabling schools to take part in one day events in schools to design, build and fly remote-controlled jet-powered cardboard aeroplanes - Also supported with free entry to participating schools to RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 



Flight test - Cabot Learning Federation 

Rolls-Royce volunteers working with school students -Nailsea School

Designing wing sections using 17th century devise (+ electric motor) for testing lift - Nailsea School

Branding - Nailsea School 

Flight tests - Nailsea school

Rolls-Royce volunteers - Cabot Learning Federation


Lift testing with David Oyns from the Arkwright Scholarship Trust  -Cabot Learning Federation

Presentations- Cabot Learning Federation

Students from participating schools receive free entry to Yeovilton Air Day

Build and fly in 20 minutes - RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day.


Master Class with aviation designer Steve Smith

Happy winners of helicopter rides  at Yeovilton Air Show for 'Fastest Aeroplane' and 'Most Lift'


Fly-offs at Yeovilton 


Air frames minus their power tray waiting for flight tests 


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