PGCE Students at Bath Spa University experiment with the Build My Future Puppets

Added 20th January 2014

Brilliant work from Bath Spa PGCE students. Developing ideas to extend the use of our puppets beyond the one day event in schools. In a three hour session they developed ways of working with the puppet to meet lesson objectives for their projects in Three Ways Special School about communication, friendship and why we would should be interested in people who dont look like us, think like us or behave like us.Thanks to Luke who shot this  film on his smartphone -

Building, making, scripting 


Great idea for interchangeable eyes

Some emotional people who met the alien 

Aliens to appeal to children

Explaining earthlings gestures of greetings

Communications via keypad in mouth to enable Google Translate /Babble Fish

Communication successful - "we are different but we like each other"


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