Royal West of England Academy and the Power of the Sea

Added 15th May 2014


Making Waves 2014

With sponsorship from Heritage Lottery and local Bristol businesses



13 year olds who plan to study GCSE Art next year explore the gallery exhibition and visit the tidal regions of Bristol and the Avon Gorge. They then built and decorate models of the iconic heritage boats of Bristol; creating an art installation in the RWA gallery. Finally they will sail their boats as a performance event in Bristol's Floating Harbour.

The project is part of The Bristol Initiative Trust's Learning Ships programme which makes young people aware of the importance of the tidal regions to their cultural identity and their responsibility to enage with the future of these unique regions.

Dates -

18th June 4.30pm opening and private view  of Power of the Tides Model Boat Installation 

19th June to July 2nd Installation on show at the RWA 

5th July 11am - 12pm Flotilla Sails on water near - Underfall Yard /  Cottage Inn / All Aboard Sailing School Slip Way

Exploring the Power of the Sea Exhibition


Exploring Bristol's Tidal Regions



Artists, environmentalists, engineers and historians join all events to share knowledge, opinion and ideas with the students.

Creation -Building, Designing and Decorating Model Boats



Parents and families get involved at the Cotham Fiesta - school open day


 Installation RWA - 19th Jun- 2nd July




Thank you to Smurfit Kappa for the board and delivery to Folio Print finishers who punched out a range of boat parts.


 The Sailing Event - 5th July - Underfall Yard - Sailing School Slipway









Art Boats  - To be framed?

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