GE Aviation volunteers run Build My Future at Brookfield School, Hamble Le-Rice

Added 7th November 2014

Build My Future is a new education, health and well being programme for 13/14 year olds, made possible by a GE Foundation grant. Build My Future uses business volunteers and fun practical activities to enable young people to discover that a balance and strength in four important aspects of life can help build success and happiness. The four aspects of life are:

  1. Expertise - skills and qualifications
  2. Health - physical and emotional
  3. Citizenship - social, political and environmental awareness
  4. Socialising - building relationships and engagement with others

The game -

Building the character -

Performing the character to reveal how it has benefited or suffered from a balance or imbalance in character 

Winners are the those who best convey the message that a balance and strength in the four elements helps achieve success and happiness in life


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