St Mary Redcliffe Primary School - Young Shipwrights

Added 12th February 2015

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46 Year 6 pupils took part in the Young Shipwrights workshops - a tour by boat and on foot of the Floating Harbour follwed by a boat building workshop in school

How many enjoyed the harbour Tour? 46

How many enjoyed the boat building? 46

How many liked meeting the volunteers/ visitors? 45

How many feel they learnt something new? 45

How many think that Bristol is more famous for its maritime history than they thought? 20

How many want to go to the Harbour Festival and see their boat sail? 45

Staff/teachers responses

Would you recommend the activity to other schools/ colleagues? 100% say yes absolutely

Would you do it again next year?100% say yes

Is the learning relevant? ‚Äč100% say yes

"Completely linked to out topic about Bristol and 'Has there ever been a better time to live here?'"

And ......"thank you both for being such a pleasure to work with".  Jamie Yeap Year 6 teacher and project coordinator


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