Callicroft Primary Love the Bristol Tides

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Children met the 'Tides in the Flesh' when the Bristol Loves Tides theatre and film event came into their school bringing in Proxi and Peri.

The next day they caught a bus to the Floating Harbour to board a boat and see the Bristol tides for themselves.

They met Proxi and Peri again who seemed to be having some difficulty in a row boat . 

They descended in the entrance locks to get down to the level of the tidal river. Finding out from others in the lock about the tides and the jobs they do on the water.

They then sailed the 8 miles to Avonmouth.

Each team used the experience to create ideas for the boat they will build back in school. Presenting their ideas as they sailed back into Bristol. 

Ideas came from trying to decide if Bristol Loves Tides? The children's ideas covered issues to do with maritime heritage, marine energy, water, wildlife and what the future holds for the tides.

Peter a marine biologist from from the University of Bristol was a mine of informtion about the bio diversity in the region


Back in school these ideas became ideas for the decoration of their boat.

Business mentors from UWE and Enterprise Rent a Car helped them build and also offered ideas about the sort of capabilities needed in work and for success and happiness in their future .







The children's boats are finished and displayed in School and in the summer they will be collected to race in the Bristol Harbour Festival, Young Shipwrights Boat Race 




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