Talking Heads at Bristol Museum Art Gallery.

Added 30th July 2016

Talking Heads - An Exciting Bristol Museum Arts and Literacy Programme for KS2


Six schools researched the stories behind people in portraits hanging in the Bristol Museum Art Gallery. Small teams of four children mentored by a volunteer scrutinised the portraits in order to build a life-size puppet. Using their imagination and historical research each team created a script and a performance. Performances were held in front of the painting in the Art Gallery.


How do we read other people's faces.



How do we read faces in the portraits in the gallery and what stories do they make us imagine


What is denoted and what are the connotations in the chosen portrait?

Bring the character to life.





Return to the galleries and the portraits to tell a key moment in the story of their character

If you think you want to get involved as a sponsor of a school workshop, as volunteer or as a school group please contact  Polly


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