Build My Future - Patchway Community School with GE, Rowan Dartington and other business volunteers

Added 17th November 2017

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Over two days with 20 business volunteers every Year 9 student experienced a workshop that got them thinking about their lifestyle and their future.

Teams of 6 worked with the volunteers playing a game that created a fictional character. The team's job was to try and steer this character to success and happiness by balancing the four elements in it's life -

Health - physical and emotional well-being

Expertise -  skills and qualifications in school and beyond school

Socialising - teamwork and broad range of interests and activities including family and friends

Citizenship - Community and environmental awareness including an interest politics 

Teams win tokens based on decisions or action steps they take. To their surprise it is easy to get hooked on EXPERTISE and neglect other aspects of life

The game created the profile fro a character they must bring to life. Their character has to come into school to get across the key messages 

A balance in aspects of life helps achieve happiness and success

Action Steps taken now will impact on future life chances 

Students reflect on their own lives and apply the learning to the imbalances they feel and aspirations they hold. Setting out plans for action steps they can take now to balance their lives and achieve their future goals.

This programme was developed by GE to address the high levels of anxiety and emotional and physical ill health experienced by adolescents in the UK. Over the last two years GE and Rowan Dartington have funding these learning days at Patchway Community School and encouraged other businesses to support with volunteers. This year additional support came from Legal Aid, MOD, HMRC UWE and Buro Happold

Impact report to follow .....


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