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Added 30th September 2019

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STEM Volunteers are needed on 12th and/or 13th November at Bristol Technology Engineering Academy in North Bristol and /or 20th November at Nailsea School just outside Bristol in North Somerset.

This team activity needs engineering mentors. The students are in small teams and will be given parts to build a crane / low tech robotic-arm, they then redesign the arm for a specific lifting and access task. We need engineers, makers and scientists to mentor the small groups. We also need demonstrations of lifting equipment, materials, robotics and bio-mechanics. Students will complete the practical task and then feedback their ideas for the future for the lifting and access industry sector. Please contact us if you think you could help mentor a team or you have a relevant industry or research application. This could be anything from heavy lifting (We love to set up a mobile crane or gantry rig), key hole surgery or robotics. We want students to see examples of how engineering enables us to reach beyond our bodies capability. This is a My Future My Choice Event and will be facilitated by the My Future My Choice Team.

PLEASE share with colleagues and if you can help send the organisers a message via


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