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Added 23rd October 2020

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A structural engineer from EDF Energy and an electrical engineer from Babcock who works on submarines were challenged to build a model of the Empire Windrush when they visited the MV Balmoral as STEM Ambassadors. 30 children in Luckwell Primary School were given the same challenge and linked to the two engineers by video conference.

The theme for the day was set by everyone watching a short animation from 8th Sense Media made with the voices of Bristol's pioneers' of the Windrush Generation

The ship's crew ran video tours to help the children understand the ship's structure and the position and purpose of bulkheads, bridge, engine room and pasenger accomodation while the two engineers attempted to construct the model while answering children's questions.



Children will decorate their models of the Windrush to express their understanding of Post-Colonial history and Britain after World War II. They have already created poems about the Windrush Generation and brought this history upto date with an enquiry into the removal of Colston's statue from their city centre and the Black Lives Matter protests.

During Anti Bullying Week in November they will have a poetry workshop with the project's poet, Manu. To complete the project the children will come back online to broadcast  their engineering and poems to an audience of engineers and Elders from the Black Community in Bristol. 


What did the children say about the day

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