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Added 12th August 2011

Children love to play this game and want to make their own Top Trump Card for their future aspiration

The cards below are from 7 year olds in Dursley, Gloucestershire. There school is a typical  rural setting. The teachers are mindful that children with a narrow view of opportunity under-perform and they used the cards as part of their drive to raise aspirations early on in key stage 2. Raising attainment through changing attitudes to the value of school.


This link shows a typical industry sector family - /assets/file/mfmccards-04engineering.pdf

Cards were adopted as part of a government Key  Pathfinder Programme exploring children's awareness of the world of work before transferring to secondary school. This programme was designed to engage business with schools and volunteers with children

The card game works well for the business volunteers because children understand the format and conversation around the skills or job details is easy to generate.Evidence of the impact of  this programme was recorded for the Key Stage 2 Pathfinder programme, evaluated by NFER.

The Top Trumps and Happy Families game is familiar to children - example below of how this is slotted into a teachers lesson plan -

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