Ten year olds give thumbs up to Ingenious Engineering Fairs

Added 21st August 2012

Ten year olds were invited to find out about engineering with a pack of  'Top Trumps Engineers Cards', a team of real engineers explaining their jobs in interactive ways and displays of Bristol's engineering heritage in the M Shed Museum.

To see more about the children's experience click here or for even more about how the project works in schools click here

Having played M Shed's Top-Trump Card Game with the real engineers the children went back to school and created themselves as the "Top Trumps Engineers of the Future" -



Here is what they said about their day out at M Shed Museum

The best bits were -

  • The  thing where we test if we can fly
  • Making a wing for an aeroplane
  • Doing the planes
  • Going outside and searching
  • Building the Hoover
  • Taking apart the Dyson ball and making the wings of the aeroplane 
  • Getting the cards and wondering
  • The cards
  • When we seen the big thing that was self powered
  • Watching hydraulics  - when we met with hydraulics engineers x 2 – when we did hydraulics  x 3
  • When we tried to move the claw
  • When we got to use the crane
  • When we played with the toy crane
  • Discovering things
  • When we got to test different things
  • Everything
  • Mainly everything
  • Learning the names of the engineers
  • Meeting the engineers
  • Meeting the engineers and collecting the top trump cards
  • Answering questions and winning top trumps cards
  • Collecting  top trumps cards and marbles
  • Collecting the top trumps x 3
  • Doing great things
  • Visiting M Shed and making cars
  • Finding the top trumps, going round M shed looking for them, learning about them
  • Looking out for top trump cards
  • Learning
  • When a guy showed us different pieces of metal such as stainless steel
  • Asking and getting answers to my questions
  • When on steam train we did activities with the needles, tubes which we had to push and power to make it work
  • The space bit about satellites
  •  When we were looking at the satellites room
  • Knowing lots about engineers
  • All of this trip was really fun and I learned new things
  • When we explored M shed and saw different types of engineering

The worst bits were -

  • Walking – Standing up x 2 – walking up the steps all the time – when my legs was aching
  • Going outside and getting cold
  • No bad bits x 2 / Nothing x 16 /It was all exquisite / it was amazing
  • No gift shop x 2
  • Leaving M Shed x 4
  • When we had to sit down and listen for ages and no activity
  • I loved it all
  • When they did some of the talking
  • When the hail got me wet
  • When we got rushed to do things
  • There wasn’t anything I didn’t like
  • When we learned about coal and the trains
  • Filling forms


 "I showed the engineering top trumps to my colleagues and they were very interested in the space satellite engineer,  created by one of the young visitors. They want to send it to the UK space agency as proof that young people do want to be space engineers." Andrew Bacon. SEA Ltd . Deep Space Engineer. See more about the impact of SEA ltd volunteers here

Next Ingenious event at M Shed Museum is 19th October 

To find out how to get the Top Trump Cards with or without volunteers visit ASDAN or  visit the My Future store

Contact if you want to get involved




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