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Future Success and Happiness through working with schools to engage children and young people with Business, Industry and Community

Innovative education services collaborating with the charities The Bristol Initiative Charitable Trust  and the MV Balmoral Trust

Young people meet diverse role models through compelling practical experiences-

  • Building and designing
  • Heritage
  • Art
  • Card games and workbooks
  • Training for business and schools

Activity in-

  • Cultural Venues 
  • Business Sites
  • Ships and Boats
  • Schools and Outdoors

"Port Company Trips, the horse display on the field, the Tides Project, the Boat Building, Ferry Trips, Aviation Workshops and the Y6 Transition Resources that we've used (and still do) all help children imagine themselves in the future and explore jobs/careers they might not know about.  Engaging students, volunteers, and business with children and teachers provides great opportunities...." James Barlow, Deputy Head, Avon Primary School

Latest Projects

1. Celebrating Windrush Generations. Compensation for victims of the Home Office's 'Windrush Scandal'

2. Catch the Train to My Future(GWR Funding)

3. Blackbullion Futures - Personal Finance advice and support for young people

4. Curious About Law and Finance

Animation - Celebrating Pioneers of the Windrush


Also see free downloadable Windrush Pioneers learning resources 

The MV Balmoral - Classroom Afloat



My Future My Choice introduces children and young people to the vast range of exciting opportunities available for their future.