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Times Education Supplement - TES Young Shipwrights


"Whether its the port coach trips, the horse display on the field, the Tides project, the boat building, Ferry trips, aviation workshops and the Y6 transitional resources that we've used (and still do) to help children imagine themselves in the future and explore jobs / careers....your linking students, volunteers, and business with schools and kids, provides great opportunities...."  James Barlow, Deputy Head,Avon Primary

I've been on 11 trips this year and Learning Ships is my favourite trip... as it was last year. Fascinating for everyone involved. Calum Eades, Y6 teacher, Christchurch Cof E Primary School

"Thank you very much for a really enjoyable afternoon with the school children... volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the task. It was great to be able to have a sense of achievement at the end, as well as something to look forward to, when they race their boats at the Harbour Festival."

- Angela Parfitt, Recruitment Advisor. Burges Salmon

"I have been on many school trips and activities and I can honestly say this is the best workshop I have been on....Carefully planned activities provided powerful learning opportunities for the children who showed amazing levels of engagement.... Sometimes its hard to get children to look forward and have high aspirations but the 'My Future My Choice Staff' are inspirational Adults and children all went away with good feelings and new visions."

Stuart Parslow, Teacher, Avon Primary School

"If the children are buzzing half as much as my colleagues that is great"

- Dafydd Bowen, Actuary,  AonHewitt

"We all really enjoyed building boats and being quizzed by the children and the photos are great for Rolls -Royce Marine News Magazine"

Marcus Fischer, Design Engineer, Rolls-Royce


"A really great day and got a lot of our new volunteers hooked on outreach! It was really great talking to the kids and talking with other businesses in the afternoon was also a great experience. We've set up more events with the schools off the back of it, so it's been brilliant for us.

Conor McGlacken Bristol University, Engineers Without Borders

The 2 hour training session the week before really helped us as volunteers to prepare for the event, I think this played a big part in helping it run smoothly" / "I found the activity enjoyable as it got me out of my own comfort zone of dealing with kids of this age group"

- Volunteers after a Build My Future Event


"Thank you very much for a really enjoyable afternoon with the school children... volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the task. It was great to be able to have a sense of achievement at the end, as well as something to look forward to, when they race their boats at the Harbour Festival.".

- Angela Parfitt, Recruitment Advisor. Burges Salmon



I volunteered for a day for “my future my choice” .Unlike some similar events I have supported in the past, I felt that the students got a lot out of it, and as a volunteer, I left feeling that I had made a contribution

Mattia Di Francesco, Research Engineer, National Composites Centre

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What 13 to 14 year olds say about the impact of a Build My Future Day

I am now more aware of importance of balance in four aspects of my life

 Positive 74% / Ambivalent 23% /  Negative 3%

I have made plans to take action steps to improve the balance in my life

Positive 56% / Ambivalent 44% / Negative 0%

I have more control over my future than I thought

Positive 74% / Ambivalent 23% / Negative3%

I am more aware of value of political involvement, helping others and the environment

Positive 55% / Ambivalent 42% / Negative 3%

Volunteers were important in making the day a success

Positive 94% / Ambivalent 6% / Negative0%


"I loved today, it has really helped me pursue drama"

"All of the volunteers were really kind and helpful. I enjoyed today"

"Today was fun and it made me aware of being balanced in life"

"I understand why I should be more confident to travel if I want to be a dancer"

"Made me realise what I want to do when I get out of school"

"Thank you"

"I will look at the timetables for buses that go to other places than the Mall "

Patchway Community School Evaluation Survey after working with volunteers from Rowan Dartington and GE

Silverstone Circuit UTC response to working with Liebherr Apprentices on Lifting Aspirations Workshop (Liebheer are world leaders in Crane Manufacturing)

Could I thank your teams for the fantastic two days you gave our Year 10 students.  The students returned from both days buzzing with energy and chatting about everything they had seen and done.  It was great to see them all working together as teams and getting stuck in with even some of our more reserved students asking questions.

We really appreciate all the hard work and time that you, your team and the apprentices put in to making the workshops so successful and we would very much value the opportunity to work with you again to inspire our young engineers.

Georgie Hart | Head of KS4 | Silverstone UTC   


The pupils didnt shut up all the way back to school talking about the day and what they'd done, who'd won what... The skills and information that they learned during the day was fantastic and will pay dividends to their GCSE D&T theory and practical application. 

Claire Brown, Year 10 Student Progress Leader, Design & Technology Teacher. Chellaston School, Derby


 "My Future My Choice was the highlight of the show. They have a very refreshing vision and are working hard to apply it to schools."  

- Phil O'Brien, CEO Climbing Fish