World of Work Speaker's Festival

Post-16 Students on work experience with My Future My Choice are trained in networking online (LinkedIn), Each student will express their future aspirations through their public profile and use this to recruit a speaker to come into their school or college. The project can manage up to 20 work experience students who will each log up to 30 hours of training and work experience activity. The project creates a student led 'Festival of Speakers' for three or four days each week for up to three weeks.

Work experience students manage all aspects of the festival -

  • recruitment
  • advertising
  • promotion across the student body
  • hosting and introducing their speakers
  • creating videos for a webpage that acts as a legacy to the festival
  • evaluation

The focus of the 'Festival of Speakers' can be aimed at various issues such as how a sector or job role is addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals or dealing with issues for equality.