World of Work Assemblies and World of Work Physics

We support and train speakers from a wide variety of industry sectors and career paths to go into schools and colleges to inform and inspire young people aged 13 to 18.

Lively Interactive Sessions

  • Assemblies - Large groups of students in theatre style seating
  • Talks - Smaller groups in informal settings

This programme uses school/college's website to create interaction with staff, students and parents which helps shape the presentation or even determine who should come in and talk.

We have a wide range of speakers willing to give up time to help and inspire young people. 

We have schools and colleges keen for visitors to come in.

Talks respond to what young people have told us they want to hear.

Young people say that their anxieties about the future are lessened by hearing from people like themselves who have found success and happiness in life.

World of Work Physics

We offer schools that are more than 25 minutes from a university 'World of Work Physics' (WoW Physics) with funding from the OGDEN trust. This programme brings physicists into schools for students in KS4 for find out about their job roles and to make 'Tik-Tok style' films about the person, their job and the science principles they use. The films can be shared in school and between schools with the aim of influencing this age range to understand the breadth of opportunity from studying physics post 16.

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What do students say?

'I’m glad that I come to this school because the World of Work assemblies are great and help me to see different people’s perspectives and what I have to do to get into different jobs.'

'It’s inspiring and so much better that it’s real life. It’s raw – they say it like they mean it and it’s not edited like on the internet.'

'It’s helped me to see how to get through university, what I’d be doing day-to -day in a job, the potential for travel.'

'I can see the passion they have for their jobs. I want to have a passion and hopefully I can find too. They all have the approach of do what you enjoy. I want to be happy.'






World of Work Talks

A succession of speakers organised to fit school/college schedules:

  • People precedents for students
  • Variety of jobs
  • Range of experiences from different start points
  • Experiences not normally encountered
  • Hear from apprentices and graduates doing the same job
  • The advantages and disadvantages of going to university and into apprenticeships
  • Successes and failures
  • 'Zig-zag' career paths 
  • Entrepreneurs in the gig economy 
  • Insight into what employers actual want
  • Links to work experience opportunities

World of Work Physics 

For schools more than 25 minutes from a University

  • Year 10 science students  -
  • Seeing Physics as something to study at Post 16 
  • Lively interactions as students create Instagram / Tik Tok style films of the people they meet 
  • Films used with their peers and with their families