Crossing Coasts Top Trump Card Pack

For use in schools with collectable / takeaway cards for use at public events . SCROLL DOWN FOR THE ONLINE VERSION

What? Top-Trump style cards recognising contributions to the UK in 13 sectors of work and life, along with a blank card for children to explore their ancestry and vision their future.

Why?  To celebrate the global nature of UK society using a decolonised narrative and raise awareness of the help that is available to anyone with issues or injustices over their citizenship status. 

Who is in the pack? 52 real people with Caribbean heritage. From pioneers who migrated to the UK after WW2 to the younger generations still in school

Who can use the pack? Schools, community groups, Councils, grass-roots events and campaigners or families. Anyone who wants to educate and celebrate Transnational Comunities or raise awareness of the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

The boxed packs and takeaway displays are free, although we do need to cover costs of post and packaging. Contact us via info@....

Download pdf of all the cards here 

Cards 1 -12
Cards 13-24
Cards 25 -36
Cards 37- 48
Cards 49 -52 and Blank Card 

Download card game instructions, teachers notes and more information

download pdf 1

download pdf 2 

download pdf 3

download pdf 4

Video - How to use the Crossing Coasts Cards

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The Crossing Coasts Card Pack











Food / Catering


Business / Entrepreneurs

Science / Technology



Future 1

Future 2

Blank Card          Card Back


 See card game instructions and more information

download pdf 1

download pdf 2 

download pdf 3

download pdf 4


Outcomes for pupils:

  • Decolonised learning about UK history
  • Appreciation of their own and other's ancestry
  • Understanding that everyone can help to correct injustices