Engineering Heroes- funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering


Board Game for 13 plus age range

Six players with an engineer as mentor

A new city emerges that meets all the UN Sustainability Goals

The city is designed by six players,  'engineering start ups' - each start-up is working towards individual and shared goals

Collaboration is key to success in the game 

Some goals are clear from the start but other goals emerge as the game progresses

Student teams present-out at the end of the game to share their successes and the  barriers to achieving all the goals

Engineers Building Our Future City 


The game reduces these 17 goals to six sectors led by six 'engineering start-ups' - business decisions and cross sector collaboration moves the team closer or further away from the UN Sustainability Goals. 

Game Design

A 'Design Committee' of 35 engineers suggested concepts and content.

The 'Design Committee' 'reviews the game mechanics and suggests amends or re-designs.

The game is on its seventh iteration with two stages where it was sent back to the drawing board.

Final version will be available April 2024.


  • A fun resource designed by engineers for engineers to use on outreach activity is designed and manufactured
  • Young people aged-13-plus are engaged in discussion with real engineers that reveal the challenges and opportunities faced by people and planet  
  • Young people present their insights about the role of engineering in securing a sustainable future
  • A game that can be picked up and played by young people, families, teachers and volunteer engineers