We promote personal development and believe in the following principles:

  1. Every young person has the ability, and right to achieve
  2. A career or a job is part of person's lifestyle and a child needs to have experiences or insights into different jobs and opportunities and not feel they are only suited to some careers 
  3. Every young person has the right to develop their aspirations and broaden their options for success and happiness in life
  4. Exploring culture and heritage is essential for deepening knowledge and understanding of the world and your place in it
  5. Cost effective outcomes for young people are achieved through collaboration with committed businesses whose volunteers are key in providing children with exciting, practical experiences they may not otherwise have
  6. Celebrating local people, family and community networks is just as important as encouraging young people to be socially mobile
  7. Projects should extol the value of caring for the environment and should use materials and processes that cause least harm to it
  8. Play has an essential role in life and learning
  9. Making an impact on the root cause of a problem is critical to substainable improvement