Top Trumps Cards and Board Games

Board Games and Card Packs

Collaborative games designed to be played with business volunteers or by young people on their own.

Young people will explore -


- Possible Careers 

- Action Steps to that help build a balanced life

- Wellbeing

- Futures in Engineering

- Jobs in Law and Finance 

- How Engineers help achieve UN Sustainability Goals 

Card Games

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Top Trumps Job Pack

60 different jobs in a lively format with a range of games to play with business volunteers, helping young people see the skills and attitudes required in a wide range of different jobs. Targeting the 7 to 12 age range . See more about this card pack and related resources here

Top Trumps Engineering Jobs Pack. "Engineering Curiosity"

52 Cards representing emerging trends and future jobs in 13 engineering sectors see more about this pack here

Board Games

Build My Future

A collaborative game for six 13 year-olds that grows a character from age 13 to 25 year. A day activity that completes when the 13 year-olds create their character as a life size puppet that comes into school to explain how action steps taken at age 13 can help balance aspects of life which in turn will lead to success and happiness. See more here

Engineering Heroes

This game is being designed in collaboration with a Design Committee of Engineers. The game is for 13 plus age range and creates a scenario in which the players act as engineering start ups attempting to create a city that meets UN Sustainability Goals See more here


  • Ice-breakers for volunteers meeting up with young people in school or at their business
  • Young people see how action steps taken early help balance aspects of life which helps achieve success and happiness
  • Awareness of opportunities beyond school 
  • Raised aspirations and awareness of the purpose of learning   
  • Understanding how climate change and technology is changing the future of work