Curious about Law and Finance

This project is being funded and completed with the help of staff working in the Finance and Law sectors. 

Staff from these businesses visit schools and explain their job to a class of children who are aged between 8 and 12. Children create ideas that represent the visitor as a 'Top Trumps' style card and divide into teams to devise a 60 second social media style film about the person. They use green screen technology, their wits, any props they can instantly manufacture and the willingness of the volunteer to perform under their direction. Within an hour they produce video clips that explain the visitor's job through-

  • Career journey
  • Best bit(s) of the job
  • Worst bit(s) of the job
  • Advice to young people 

Video content and cards of 52 people working in this sector will be uploaded as the project progresses 


Card packs from this project and the videos will be made available to the schools taking part and to all schools that are interested.




Tony started his own business after working in a bank. He enjoyed University but had studied

English Literature rather than banking. 













Watch the video on the left. Fnd out more about each card.

Details will be added to cards as the project progresses



To find out how your school can get involved


Download 52 cards showing people working in law and finance and a blank card to imagine your self as part of the pack.

(To be added when cards are complete) 

Businesses can you help?