Celebrating the Pioneers of the Windrush Generation 

A partnerships with Engineers, Poets, Film Makers, Radiio Broadcasters, Journalists and Social Entrepenuers across Bristol that have been building events in Bristol on board the MV Balmoral over the last five years to celebrate the pioneers of the Windrush Generation.

The project has produced an extensive bank of free learning resources  for KS1/2 /3. These include a short animation that sets the scene for primary school pupils. These resources invite discussion aimed at producing anti-racists citizens while covering aspects of a school's curriculum.

The project is currently funded by Royal Academy of Engineering to run workshops until 1st March 2022 that explore engineering in relation to migration, global trade and travel. These are practical activities under the title Rocket Rescue



Celebrating Pioneers of Migration 


Animation by 8th Sense Media


Film, Poetry and History Events on the MV Balmoral in Bristol Harbour

  • Bristol's cultural heritage
  • Migration
  • Navigation
  • Trade 
  • Colonialism
  • Poetry and creative writing
  • Engineering
  • Maritime history
  • School Curriculum in relation to Black Lives Matter
  • Anti Racism

Some of the outcomes from this five year programme

Online Poetry Workshops - home learners and teachers

Student Responses - Trinity Academy

Student Responses - Oasis John Williams Academy

Short Film of a children's end of day performance on the ship


Pioneers of the Windrush Generation: Learning Resources

Learning resources that weave empathy with migrant populations and anti racism into standard Primary School curriculum topics.

 Pupil Worksheets and Teachers Activity Plans and Notes can be downloaded on this link

This project is a collaboration between

  • The Ship, the MV Balmoral in Bristol's Harbour

  • 8th Sense Media 

  • Roger Griffith MBE 

  • Manu Emmanuel

  • Volunteers from the Bristol community

  • Engineers and ex-merchant seaman 

Sponsored by


Ministry of Housing,

Communities & Local Government