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Font Hill Primary School - Aviation Day

Added 24th July, 2015

45 Children aged 7 to 9 build and fly aircraft as part of a project that commemorates the closing of the Filton Airfield

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Alumni from Cotham Community School deliver a 'Build My Future' day for year 9 students

Added 23rd July, 2015

Four of the school alumni are trained to spend a day delivering a day that gets students reflecting about the actions they can take now that may help build success and happiness in the future.

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Bristol Loves Tides School Tours

Added 23rd July, 2015

Bristol children challenged to Love their Tides as part of an innovative curriculum resource

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Tidal Turnings

Added 22nd July, 2015

The 'Bristol Loves Tides' programme working with 'Towards Hydrocitizenship' on a UK wide 'Connecting Communities' day in Bristol

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Young Shipwrights 2015

Added 20th July, 2015

700 children and 65 volunteers from business build 115 model boats and race them in the Bristol Harbour Festival

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