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The Matthew Prototype Model Test

Added 23rd August, 2013

With a view to working more with The Matthew Trust and M Shed Museum, Shipwright Warwick Moreton tests a card and paper model of The Matthew for use in schools workshops.

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SHARON & MAX 2 The Build My Future Movie

Added 22nd August, 2013

A short film to be used by business and industry volunteers introducing the Build My Future Card Game and puppet making.

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Build My Future a new volunteering resource for GE business volunteers

Added 13th August, 2013

Consultation and play-testing a new resource for GE Volunteers going into schools in the UK

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Schools Aviation Challenge and the RNAS Yeovilton International Airday

Added 7th August, 2013

Aviation workshops for schools with free tickets for students to attend the International Air Day at Yeovilton to extend the learning. More Aviation Day events are scheduled for schools near Bristol Airport in the Autumn Term

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