Build My Future a new volunteering resource for GE business volunteers

Added 13th August 2013

A day activity for volunteers going into schools to work with young people aged thirteen or fourteen.

Object -Young people learn that a balance and strength in key elements of life can help build success and happiness.

The product is currently in the design phase and has engaged GE sites in Bracknell, Cardiff, London, Prestwick, Sale, Leicester, Amersham, Hamble, Truro, Stoke-on-Trent in shaping and testing the concept and prototypes.

The product is due to trial in schools local to GE Sites in the UK in October and November 2013

The BMF Card-Game, play testing  - GE Groby

Constructing a puppet entity based on outcomes of the game

Puppet entity explains its past and its hopes for the future 


Responding to scenario scripts




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