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Engineering Heroes of the Future - Board Game Design.

Added 18th May, 2021

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Royal Academy of Engineering are funding the design and manufacture of a game for 13+ age range that exolores future opprtunities for engineers

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A Set of 52 Top Trumps Cards - Engineering Curiosity

Added 10th May, 2021

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Engineers help design games that explore the future of Engineering

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Nailsea School Teamwork and Aviation

Added 21st March, 2018

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Student teams work with a volunteer engineer from Rolls-Royce

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Aviation worshops at Bristol Technology Engineering Academy

Added 11th February, 2018

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Year 10 students at BTEA build unigue model aircraft

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Bristol Technology Engineering Academy - Lifting and Access

Added 15th December, 2016

60 students explore lifting technology, robotics and bio mechanics while building their own robotic arm from card, syringes, plastic tubing, paper clips and split pins.

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Wigan Schools on a Learning adventure at Vertikal Days - UK's biggest trade fair for the Lifting Engineering Industry

Added 30th July, 2016

Students from Primary and Secondary Schools exploring engineering and working in teams to build a working crane

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Bristol Harbour Festival - Young Shipwrights Boat Race and the IMechE Cardboard Boat Race Challenge

Added 18th July, 2014

Soggy cardboard, happy children and ingenious engineers at the 2014 Bristol Harbour Festival

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Royal West of England Academy and the Power of the Sea

Added 15th May, 2014

13 year old prospective art students explore the tides on the Avon and the RWA exhibition to create an installation of a flotilla of functioning model sail boats in a prestigious gallery installation.

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British Science Association Award for the "Lifting Aspirations and Accessing Engineering" project

Added 20th March, 2014

Schools and families take part in an immersive experience with the lifting and access engineering industry. Exploring the heritage of the technology in the region with the working machines at the M Shed Museum and the future for the sector with engineering ambassadors. learning outcomes and the fun of engineering are combined in a practical competition to build and operate a robotic arm.

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Chew Valley School Aviation Day

Added 5th December, 2013

Bristol Airport funded practical workshops for Science Technology Engineering and Maths.The challenge is was to use cardboard with electric motors and radio control systems to create an airshow for parents in one day.

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Backwell School Aviation Day

Added 15th November, 2013

Bristol Airport funding helped Backwell School near Bristol stage an Aviation Day - Design and engineering workshops followed by a student produced Airshow for parents and friends.

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Young Bristol's National Citizenship Service and Learning Ships

Added 6th November, 2013

Young people on Bristol's National Citizenship Service visit Bristol's tidal regions to help them plan and implement a social action project. Entrepreneurship analysing

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