Chew Valley School Aviation Day

Added 5th December 2013

Bristol Airport funded practical workshops for Science Technology  Engineering and Maths.The challenge was to use cardboard with electric motors and radio control systems to create an exciting airshow for parents in one day.

What parents said -

" Thank you for organising the Chew valley School aviation day that my daughter attended. She had initially been daunted by the expectation of  'all day' physics but came away flying high herself from the thrill of designing and then flying their team aircraft, The parents had a very entertaining evening watching the presentation and fly off. An excellent example of making science fun!!"

What the students said-

"I thought it would be making paper planes and doing loads of maths - but it was very good and not what I expected!"

"I thought we would do it with computers and pitch ideas for planes - but it was fun, creative and very worthwhile."

"I thought it would be fairly boring but it was fun, exciting, (seemed) expensive and involving many aspects."




Working with volunteer engineers from UWE and GKN Aerospace


Rehearsals for ways of displaying formation flying, slow and fast races and balloon bursting, and confetti scattering tricks before the audience arrive. The students added a sound track and compered an hour long show.

Overall winners - Atlas airways

Every ones a winner!- well done Year 10 at Chew Valley Schools a great show attended by over 50 people.



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