Bath Fringe Festival - Lifting Aspirations at Museum of the Bath of Work

Added 31st May 2014


                                                                                                       Bath chronicle 26.5.14

See teacher's video of children communicating to build, operate and compete with their machines

Ingredients for Lifting Aspirations in Bath 

200 children - 12 teachers  - 32 Engineer Ambassador -

115 members of the public - Team work and Ingenuity -

Tubing, Syringes, Laser cut parts, Bolts, Clamps, Dowel

Pupils explored real applications with Speedy Services 



 Teams of primary school pupils work with a volunteer engineering ambassador

Teams compete on the day

Public engagement at Green Park Station as part of the Bath Fringe Festival Programme

 Make an enquiry about how your business or school could support or use Lifting Aspirations




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