Volunteers needed for practical workshops with children

Added 11th March 2015
17th 19th and 22nd March 2015
Bristol Harbour on a boat and up a crane

Young people work in small groups of 6 with a volunteer to make a cardboard crane or robotic hydraulic arm that looks like this.

They will go up in and operate the iconic Bristol Cargo Cranes and visit the steam crane.

Understanding how the harbour worked and how engineers use hydraulics.

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Aviation Days

Sefton Park School- Bristol
23rd March 2015

Helping to build and fly remote control cardboard aeroplanes -


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Build Boats

Bannerman Road Primary School  Bristol

20th march 2015


Explore the tides on the day of a solar eclipse with 8 to 10 year old. Help children Build boats that will sail in a Harbour Festival race 


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 Events run all year round - contact to find out more


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