Bristol Loves Tides - Blood Moon Event

Added 6th October 2015
Films, 3D Presentations of Planetary Movements, Boat trips and Theatre during an Eclipse of the Moon

The Full Story

Proxi and Peri are the 'tides made flesh'. They are trapped in Bristol's Floating Harbour after the spring Equinox and on a mission to find out if Bristol Loves it's tides.

This early plan for Proxi and Peri in relation to the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes on the door of the Bagheera Ferry Boat toilet was made during 'Conversation on a Boat' planing sessions with teachers.

Following the Blood Moon (Lunar Eclipse) at 4am on the morning of the 28th September it was time for Proxi and Peri to return to their watery state.

High tide on the evening of the 28th September was at 20:22hrs.

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The @T Bristol Planetarium provided a 3D CGI presentation of the planets giving the audience views of the earth from the moon and an explanation of how the planets cause the tides.

Planetary views were mixed in with films about the adventures of Proxi and Peri. The audience then joined Proxi and Peri on board the Tower Belle to sail down the Harbour to the storm gates, to the rising tides and Proxi and Peri's next adventure 

150 people gathered at the Nova Scotia landing and headed past the storm gates to where the tidal river meets the entrance lock and flows up the New Cut. Here  an event celebrating the moon and the tides and the success of Proxi and Peri's mission to encourage Bristol to love it's tides was held.

Peri's proximity to moon and the pull of the tides takes them back into the river as the tide flowed out of Bristol.

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Having seen Proxi and Peri depart on the tide, the audience return by boat to the centre of Bristol by the light of the rising moon

The next films in the series of continuing adventures of Proxi and Peri will cover their departure and their desire to retire to the Mediteranean where the tides are easier to manage.

These films will be part of the theatrical event visiting the BLT Partner schools in 2016 keeping the narrative and the engagement of young people in Loving of the Tides alive.

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