Bristol Harbour Festival 2019

Added 31st July 2019

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Three races that tested engineering skills using cardboard on water

1. Young Shipwrights.  Boats made by small teams of Primary School Children working with a business volunteer compete in strng winds to sail Under Prince Street Bridge.

The winning boat was called 'Go Vegetarian' and we beive it was made by Christ Church Primary School  

2. Aircraft Carrier Challenge. Land an aircraft on your vessel and take off returning both vessel and aircraft to shore in the quickest time. Challenge was set by the Royal Navy and taken up by the Bristol busineesses involved in designing. propelling and making the ship along with other engineering business, clubs and watery enthusiasts.


Team Rolls-Royce built a paddle wheel propoulsion sysytem with the helpof Patchway Community School and TRi Wall UK

BMT are designers of the real HMS Prince of Wales

 Bristol Cruising Club  wall-paper glue and wine box monster




Danny the Engineer


 Winning the Cardboard Boat Race with a crew of grand-children 

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