Primary Schools Shipwrights at the 2022 Harbour Festival

Added 21st September 2021

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The Bristol Harbour Festival will be back 14-17th July 2022

50th Anniversary of the Festival with Cardboard Boat Races since 2010

  1. Model boat building workshops at Harbourside venues, schools or on a ship
  2. Business volunteers give insights into different careers
  3. Top Trumps engiuneering jobs card packs
  4. Mass sailings at the Bristol Harbour Festival of 100 Model sailing-boats made by 700 primary school children supported by 140 business volunteers
  5. Training for school staff in use of low-cost, low-emmision travel by rail and boat into the centre of Bristol or Avonmouth Docks
  6. Opportunities to work with Historic England Education on making travel by rail and boat into the centre of Bristol a heritage learning experience
  7. Workshops running from May 2022
Your school can get involved by expressing an interest and we will attempt to link you with one of our business sponsors.

Contact us to get involved


Children will work alongside business volunteers - like these real engineers from our latest card pack





Workshops in schools, on ships and at Engine Shed 



Last year one school kept this annual project alive 


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