Aviation Workshops at Clough Hall Technology College with GE Power

Added 2nd July 2013

Two day Aviation Challenge for Year 9 students at Clough Hall Technology College and Year 6 pupils in partner Primary Schools

 37 GE volunteers provided an Engineering and Social Education event with 100 year 9 students and c.200 local primary school children.

Testing Air-Foil Cross Sections - to find the most lift (Using a 17th Century aviators Whirling Arm principal)

Leader board - Improvements from first test to second test to third test

Division of labour to build the aeroplanes

Communications - Brand identity - for the manufacturing team and the aviation product

Teams with completed air frame and branding at end of day ONE

Day Two - Preparing an Air-Show for the local Primary schools

A communications challenge to persuade a younger audience that their team's Aircraft and its Manufacturers are the best.

Flight tests in the morning




Winners of best built and most lift

Displays of branding and product information 


Displays stands with incentives for a ten year old audience

200 primary children vote with their feet and complete aviation related activities and quizzes

The event ended with awards and a  display of flying - thrills, spills and races and control tests- 

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