Rolls-Royce - Sefton Park Junior School Aviation Day

Added 6th March 2014

Rolls-Royce -Sefton Park Junior School Aviation Day

90 Children aged 9 / 6 Volunteers / Audience of 55 Parents / 30 Aircraft in free flight / 8 Aircraft with remote control / 9 models of Bristol Aircraft Company's historic aeroplanes

"My daughter Ruby aged 10 years, was in the group that the team presented too.Whatever the team did on the day it was inspirational to a number of the students.   Although Ruby would like to be a Veterinary primarily and possibly a singer….., she also saw the possibility of a career in engineering and was motivated by the accessibility of the way that the team guided the students through the subject. These events in the local community are invaluable in communicating the DNA of Rolls-Royce and I can report first hand the potential impact they have on educating students towards science and technology – keep it up I say and well done to all those that make these things possible"

Parent of Year 5 pupil 


"Absolutely fantastic event – the entire school was filled with excitement, inspiration and fun.  It was fabulous working with the kids.  They demonstrated interest, team work and enthusiasm as well as being competitive with each other, and they immediately gelled with us volunteers. The whole event was well organised and delivered professionally.  I can probably say that even I learnt something! The staff and parents were thrilled and totally blown away (as were the volunteers) by the results which were presented by the children at the end of the day. "

Mukesh Solanki Performance  Engineer,Rolls-Royce


"It was a super day for the children who obviously enjoyed all the activities, especially building and flying the model aeroplanes and gave them an opportunity to ask many questions and find out about us volunteers. We thoroughly enjoyed the day too and it was also nice to get good feedback from the parents at the airshow."

San Man San Li, Performance Engineer, Rolls-Royce 

To see the pupil's Power Point Presentation that they produced for the the Airshow click here



How does flight work? A replica of an aviation device from 1804 is used to explore the history and science of flight


Designing and building 


Flight Tests - looking for the most stable airframes to be kitted out with radio control  motors

Parents arrive for the Airshow - pupils present their learning and demonstrations of formation flying

Pupils designed 'Top Trump Cards' based on the specifications for aeroplanes from the Bristol Aircraft Company from the Box Kite to Concorde. The examined models and built their own Bristol Brownies



"This is brilliant, congratulations to all. The Engineers and Scientists of the future are formed early and clearly the visit has inspired some who will be our future. I would encourage us to do more of this with the local community. We all win."

Paul Craig, Rolls-Royce


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